Velocispider Zero

Velocispider Zero 1.0.5

Robot velociospiders and robot beasts


  • Addictive
  • Great gameplay
  • Awesome graphics


  • Tilt controls can get frustrating

Very good

Velocispider Zero is a Space Invaders type top-down arcade shooter.

As Velocispider Zero you have to destroy the various robots that are trying to steal your eggs by collecting power-ups and power. Enemies shoot and swarm you as you use the accelerometer to control where you are onscreen.

Graphics in Velocispider Zero are 16-bit, but perfectly convey the insane style of the game. All the characters in the game are expertly designed to show the influence from older arcade games. Velocispider Zero looks like a mash-up of a lot of different influences to create each character.

Gameplay is controlled through the accelerometer, and you tilt the device to move Velocispider Zero back and forth. It is always shooting vertically so you never have to worry about firing. Enemies drop different power-ups that change your types of fire. They are limited use so they disappear after a short time.

The game has an old school difficulty, so you have limited lives and the enemies can fill the screen very quickly if you do not destroy them all. That adds to the addictive fun of Velocispider Zero.

Velocispider Zero is a great throwback game that plays excellently.

Velocispider Zero


Velocispider Zero 1.0.5

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